Artist As Educator

In 2013 I conducted a research project as part of my dissertation - ‘Reimagining the Artist as Educator: An Artistic Contribution to Scottish Classroom Cultures’ - that explored how intuitive and inquiry based processes, that I utilise in my own performance making practice, may be applied to educational settings. Following this research I have since been engaged with a variety of roles were I continue to explore radical pedagogies within educational settings in Scotland, as an other strand of my artistic practice. Most recently I have delivered a series of workshops in primary schools in Aberdeen, with Creative Learning, as part of their Arts Across Creative Learning Festival. My work in educational settings seeks to explore the delivery of the curriculum in ways that make space for failure, risk, interrogation, collaboration, and co-operative modes of learning.


Hidden Giants

In Autumn 2012 I undertook a placement with the Hidden Giants, an educational consultancy led by Paul Gorman. Since then I have been an associate artist with them, working on a variety of projects that explore the application of critical thinking and radical pedagogies within educational and civic institutions. Most recently I have been working with South Lanarkshire Council’s Community Learning Development team to design a consultation project across the localities.