In The Corner Of My Mind There Is A Small Boy Dancing

Because someone once told me I couldn’t,
I will dance,
Without inhibition,
move wildly.
I want to be here.
Right here, right now.
With myself.
With you.
Aware of our bodies sharing air.
To feel my heart pumping, and my breath gasping,
I want to lose myself.
And dance myself, anew.
For you to see me,
Moving between,
Moving within,
Something else.
Inside, sometimes it feels like I hold the weight of the whole world.
So, I will keep dancing until I get it all out.

In the Corner of My Mind There Is a Small Boy Dancing is a siting, a situation, and a reinterpretation of my own body finding release through the ecstatic, erotic, ephemeral elation of moving. An attempt to adjust and re-adjust our bodies and our bodily experience through dance.

A solo dance performance by Eoin McKenzie. A dance show by a big man.

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