All Or Nothing

All Or Nothing is a performance work directed by Eoin McKenzie in collaboration with performance makers Ricky Williamson and Dan Cox as part of Eoin’s selection as one of Imaginate’s Launchpad artists for 2018/19. All Or Nothing was initially presented as a scratch at Imaginate’s Scratch Night in October 2018, and is in development for Autumn 2019.

All Or Nothing is a performance exploring failure, fear, and resilience made for young boys. Working through masculine role models across pop-culture, sports, and within our day-to-day experience, the performers seek to reconcile with the male archetypes and facades we are presented, told to emulate, and eventually construct for ourselves. The work hopes to create a safe space for young men to unearth a masculinity that is vulnerable and tender as an opposition to the patriarchal and toxic masculinities that occupy the 21st century.

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